Detriments of Sitting

Patel, A.V., Bernstein, L., Deka, A., Spencer Feigelson, H., Campbell, P.T., Gapstur, S.M.,… Thun, M.J. (2011). Leisure time spent sitting in relation to total mortality in a prospective cohort of US adults, American Journal of Epidemiology, 172, 419-429. Doi: 10.1093/aje/kwq155.

Aim. This study aimed to identify the association between hours of sitting and mortality rate.


Method. Participants were 123,216 individuals (69,776 women; mean age= 63.8 (SD=6) years) from...

Research Topic: Detriments of Sitting, Heart Disease, Mortality and Sitting

Dunstan, D.W., Kingwell, B.A., Larsen, R., Healy, G.N., Cerin, E., Hamilton, M.T.,… Owen, N. (2012). Breaking up prolonged sitting reduces postprandial glucose and insulin responses. Diabetes Care, 35, 976-983.

Aim. Dunstan and colleagues (2012) aimed to explain why taking short breaks from sitting is beneficial to glucose and insulin processing.

Method. Nineteen adults ages 45-65 completed three five-hour study sessions where they were asked to either a) sit uninterrupted, b...

Research Topic: Importance of Breaks, Detriments of Sitting, Heart Disease

Yount., R.D., Reynolds, K., Sidell, M., …& Quinn, V.P. (2014). Effects of physical activity and sedentary time on the risk of heart failure. Circulation: Heart Failure, 7, 21-27. Doi: 10.1161/CIRCHEARTFAILURE.113.000529. 

Aim. Identify effect of sedentary behavior  and physical activity on heart failure.

...
Research Topic: Detriments of Sitting, Heart Disease

Effects of Sitting

Research Topic:

Good Posture


Mork, P.J., & Westaard, R.H. (2009). Back posture and low back muscle activity in female computer workers: A field study. Clinical Biomechanics, 24, 169-175.

Aim. This study examined the relationship between posture, use of back muscles, and low back pain.         

Method. 21 women (mean age= 43 years + 10) who worked primarily with computers were measured on posture (pelvis and trunk), muscle activity (surface...

Research Topic: Good Posture, Back Health and Sitting