Sitting and Heart Failure

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Yount., R.D., Reynolds, K., Sidell, M., …& Quinn, V.P. (2014). Effects of physical activity and sedentary time on the risk of heart failure. Circulation: Heart Failure, 7, 21-27. Doi: 10.1161/CIRCHEARTFAILURE.113.000529. 

Aim. Identify effect of sedentary behavior  and physical activity on heart failure.

Method. 82,695 men (mean age=58 years) without diagnosed heart failure reported physical activity and sedentary behavior for ten years. Incidence of heart failure was measured based on medical records.

Results. The most active men were 52% less likely to develop heart failure than the least active. Moderately active men were also less likely to experience heart failure than the least active. Similarly, less sedentary time is associated with the lowest risk for heart failure. These effects occur beyond common risk factors like diet and BMI, and were consistent across ethnicities.

Conclusion. More physical activity and less time sitting are associated with decreased risk for heart failure.