Can I try Wellday at Work before buying?

The lowest cost alternative to evaluate Wellday for your organization is to subscribe for one month for the number of people evaluating the product and cancel the subscription if it is not a fit for you.  We are sorry that we do not offer a free trial at this time.   Check pricing

Is Wellday at Work for Individuals or Organizations?

Wellday at Work™ is for both individuals and organizations.  Individuals can purchase a license for $9.95. An organization may purchase licenses at a discount and provide it to their members/employees.  See the Pricing page for group Pricing.

What are the benefits of Wellday at Work™?

With regular use some of the benefits of Wellday at Work™ include:

  • Increase in self-awareness through mind-body tools and techniques.
  • Increase in self-care techniques.
  • Helps to reverse the effects of of the work day.
  • Customized practices to fit your needs at any moment.
  • Can increase strength and flexibility.
  • Can increase balance.
  • Helps to balance effects of stress (e.g. blood pressure, muscle tension, neck, shoulder and back pain, immune system, headaches, anxiety, depression)
  • Encourages movements and poses for good posture which supports healthy digestion, respiration, and sense of well-being. 
  • Educates on nutrition to effect dietary choices.
  • Simple, easy, and accessible ways to integrate into the day, enhancing productivity and providing relief from discomfort.

I am an employer. How will this help my business?

Wellday at Work™ is intended to provide health benefits for your employees by providing customized healthy break ideas and the education behind them to help to build healthier habits.  With healthier habits and greater self- awareness and self-care, it is expected that there will be an impact on your bottom line through less reduced health care costs associated with a reduction in   absenteeism and stress, and an increase in presenteeism, job satisfaction and productivity.  Regular use is required to attain these benefits, so seeing the transition to using Wellday at Work™ as a campaign is necessary.  All materials necessary to implement this change are provided when you purchase a group license for Wellday at Work™ (see the pricing page for details).  With aggregate usage tracking employers also have statistics that will help to evaluate usage, and have real data to support wellness program decision and observe organzational behaviors.   

Does Wellday at Work™ run on all computers, tablets and phones?

Wellday at Work™ runs in most environments including most recent tablets and phones.  Check the Systems Requirements on the About page on this website for more information. 

I want to eat healthier. Can Wellday at Work™ help me?

Wellday at Work™ supports healthy eating by providing articles that educate and equip you for making good choices throughout your day.  Simply select the articles that fit your need at any given moment and find the information you need to make a good choice.  Also, try the food tracker(s) that are listed for more detail about the food you are consuming. 

I have injuries. Can I do the Wellday at Work™ videos?

Yes.  If you listen to your body, respect your injuries, and just do what feels good for you, you can practice with many of the videos.  Certain practices have contraindications such as pregnancy.  Please be sure to avoid those practices if they apply to you.  Remember that if you are in pain, it is your body’s way of telling you to stop.

Can I make monthly payments?

Yes.  You can make monthly payments, although there is a 10% discount to make an annual payment.       

How do I renew my license?

You will automatically be invoiced at renewal time.  To cancel your subscription, simply email us at admin@welldayatwork.com.  

How often will the content change?

Wellday is continually updated to keep our customers challenged with new ways to stay well throughout the day.  At times, new content will be added, and other times, new challenges, or new ways of using the content will be introduced.  Stay tuned to Wellday for the latest additions and keep your path to wellness fresh!

Can I track my eating in Wellday at Work™

You can track your food intake in the nutrition section where we link to MyPlate.gov’s tracking site.   Here you will be able to see both caloric and nutritional intake to help build awareness of the  benefits and challenges of foods.


Is it better to sit or stand?

If you spend long hours sitting, then standing is encouraged for most practices.  If you spend long hours standing, then sitting might feel better to you.  Some practices are specifically for sitting or standing and are labeled as such.  If you are in a work environment where standing is challenging, at least get up and walk around a bit, then come back and do a seated practice.

Do I have to be flexible to use Wellday at Work™?

No – Wellday at Work™ is for everyone.  The most important thing you can do is listen to your body and be kind to yourself.  If you are in pain, stop and make a non-judgemental note about your experience.  You will be guided to stay within a comfortable range of motio as everyone has a different level of flexibility and strength.  Choose an option in the videos that feels the best for you, knowing that over time, that might change (or maybe not!).  If the goal is to learn more about your self, the practices will feel good. 

What is Spring Forest Qi~ssage?

Spring Forest Qi~ssage is a technique developed by Certified International Qigong Master Chunyi Lin.  Spring Forest Qi~ssage is a unique combination of the energy principles of qigong and the art of massage, creating powerful and effective relaxation and healing results.  The focus is on balancing and enhancing the flow of energy through the body's energy channels through massaging key energy points within the body.

If you have an interest in learning more about Spring Forest Qi~ssage, please call 952-593-5555 or email support@springforestqigong.com.

What is Spring Forest Qigong?

About Spring Forest Qigong

Spring Forest Qigong is a practice of simple movements, mental focus, breathing and meditation. In creating Spring Forest Qigong, Chunyi Lin has blended these together into a system that is so simple yet so very powerful that thousands of students have found the practice life changing.” 

The vision of Chunyi Lin Spring Forest Qigong creater is “a healer in every family and a world without pain.”

“There are 12 primary meridians in your body and 8 `extraordinary` or `reservoir` channels, as well as other energy pathways.  Two of the extraordinary channels are believed to be the most important.  Both start at the `lower dantian,` an important energy center that is deep in behind your navel.  One basically goes up the center of the front of your body and stops at the bottom of your mouth, and the other runs down to the bottom of your body, up your spine, over your head, and stops at the roof of your mouth.  From the 12 primary meridians, energy travels through your limbs and torso to your organs.”

“Blockages can occur from three common lifestyles 1.)  sitting at a keyboard all day, 2.)  Being on your feet a lot and 3.)  Doing physically strenuous labor.  Spring Forest Qigong can open energy blockages.  Imagine a river being blocked and the natural flow of water is blocked.   Opening up blockages in your body restores the natural flow of energy.  

If you have an interest in learning more about Spring Forest Qigong, please call  952-593-5555 or email support@springforestqigong.com.

Summarized from Head to Healing- Your Body’s Repair Manual, Chunyi Lin.


What is yoga?

Yoga is a way to connect your mind and body in order to build greater self awareness and self-care.  The style of yoga that has inspired  Wellday at Work™ Is Hatha yoga, which uses the breath to connect the mind and body.  The goal is to learn more about one’s self, and techniques to feel your best.  Some of the other benefits of the yoga inspired practices in Wellday at Work™ also include improving posture through strength and flexibility, improved balance, and reduced levels of stress indicators.  See the Research page for more information.

How do I schedule my breaks?

You can use the optional Well Break Windows app that comes with Wellday at Work™ which streamlines setting up to 10 breaks in a work day.  If you do not use Well Break, you can schedule your breaks using your phone alarms or an electronic calendar of your choice.  Reminders will help you develop important habits in taking healthy breaks so that they become a regular part of your day.

How long do the breaks need to be of benefit?

The breaks should be 1 to 2 minutes in length.  Short enough to effect your body, increase your focus, creativity, and reduce stress.  You can make your days more enjoyable, less stressful, and more productive by taking regular breaks.

How many breaks should I take?

Current research suggests that for optimal health, you should stand and move every 20 to 60 minutes.  Even if you have a regular strong workout routine, studies show that you still need to get up and move around on a regular basis to maintain optimal health.


Why should I take breaks?

Long hours of constant sitting has been linked to many conditions including cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, deep vein thrombosis, obesity, hypertension, and more.  Mortality rates are heightened with prolonged sitting.  In addition, mental health benefits such as reduced stress, greater self-control (especially with  eating), and self-esteem are are attainable through regular breaks.  Take breaks and improve your whole health – mind, body, and spirit!