System Requirements

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Technical Information

Wellday at Work™ can work in a variety of environments.  The internet browsers that support the video fomats included are below.

Internet browsers supported:

  • Chrome     - HTML5 .MP4 Video
  • Firefox     - HTML5 .WebM Video
  • IE9     - HTML5 and Flash Video
  • IE6,7,8     - HTML4 and Flash Video
  • Android     - HTML5 .MP4 Video
  • Safari     - HTML5 .MP4 Video

Well Break Windows app:

Well Break can work for an individual or a network.

All installations:

  • Requires Microsoft .NET 4.0
  • Runs as a Task Tray application.
  • Requires Member name to be entered and is used as a login.
  • Allows setting of preferred Internet browser to be used (default is auto search for supported browser).
  • Microsoft Authenticode Verified for secure downloads.

For mass deployment across a network:

  • Installation supports Microsoft Group Policy installation for mass deployment across a network. 
  • Writes Registry settings to auto run.
  • Member name can be entered once for all installations using HKEY Local Machine.
  • Well Break provides a “Clear Registry” button in Tools/Settings to clear all Well Break Local User registry settings (This puts Well Break back to default settings).