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Wellday At Work Overview

Wellday at Work™ is a web application available to individuals and organizations that provides a variety of immediately useable break ideas through movement, meditation, and education.  Wellday educates and empowers you in taking care of yourself during your day so you feel your best all day.  Breaks can be scheduled using the optional Well Break software included with a purchased license.  Wellday is simple and effective.

If you are an Individual considering Wellday

Wellday is perfect for adding balance to your daily activities...Stressed?  Take a calming break.  Tired?  Take an energizing break.  Stiff?  Take a movement break.  Headache?  Try a headache break.  There is something for everyone with Wellday.  Wellday is even for those who are homebound as many of the breaks are gentle and suitable for most abilities.  We strongly recommend physician’s approval if there are any health concerns.

If you are an employer considering Wellday at Work

Wellday at Work™ provides short healthy breaks to employees right where they are so productivity is not interrupted, but is enhanced.  It is simple and efficient so employees get great impact in a short amount of time.  Aggregate Usage Tracking provides statistics that not only track amount of usage but can provide the feedback you need to fuel your wellness programming.

Health care, workmens’ comp, abesenteesim and presenteeism are costly expenses to companies every year.  Wellday at Work™ can be a standalone wellness program or can complement existing wellness programming to help curb those costs.  In addition, with regular use, employees will have the opportunity to feel more balanced and be more satisfied in their jobs.

A complete campaign is available for organizations when they purchase Wellday at Work™.   See the pricing page for details of all email templates and promotional material available with a purchased license.

Wellday at Work™ Features

Well Breaks Library

Research shows that taking a break from sitting every twenty to sixty minutes has a profound impact on health and well-being, and Wellday at Work™ helps to make those breaks purposeful.  It is in the Well Breaks library that you have the opportunity to find a video that is customized for your need at any given moment.

Video features:

  • One to two minutes in length.
  • Inspired by yoga, Spring Forest Qigong, traditional fitness, and the arts. Content contributors come from a variety of experts in their fields: Ann Dolence (Spring Forest Qigong, Wellness), Carolyn Espel (therapeutic yoga, meditation, fitness), Jenny Trucke and Ben Schumacher from Revolution Personal Training Studio (fitness), and Karen Bakke from Bakke Art and Design (Creative Warm-ups).
  • Content contributors are carefully selected based on expertise, proven performance, and shared goals in community well-being.
  • Intended to address problems associated with long hours spent in one position, balancing the effects of the day and reducing stress.
  • Accessed through a simple and efficient menu that allows multiple selections, providing a customized practice.   For example, you can select a yoga video to move your back and hips that is energizing.  Or perhaps you could use a Spring Forest Qigong calming practice for a headache.
  • Over one hundred twenty videos, updated quarterly.
  • Encourage purposeful movement, meditation, and education to increase self-awareness and self-efficacy to reduce stress.
  • Regular practice encourages balance in body, mind, and energy so that you feel your best in and out of work settings.
  • Support through short articles that educate on relevant topics such as Yoga for the Immune System.
  • Search bar to find a Wellday practice by name.

Day Breaks Library

  • For those looking for Well Breaks that go well together for an entire day, the Day Breaks library supplies ideas.
  • Sample break plans are based on common themes for the day, for example, car travel, or a hectic day. 
  • Day Breaks gets updated periodically for a dynamic source to keep you or your employees engaged.

Challenge of the Week

The Challenge of the Week provides recipes for easy and effective Tiny Habits® changes that can make a positive impact on all aspects of well-being.  Tiny Habit® recipes are written by certified Tiny Habits®  Coach, Ann Dolence.   Challenge yourself, your friends and co-workers with Tiny Habits® !

Nutrition Library

The nutrition page is an indexed collection of links to reliable articles and trackers that support healthy eating habits.

Article Features:

  • Like the Well Breaks library, you can select an article based on multiple menu selections to find the most relevant article for your needs at that moment.
  • Articles are short – usually 1 to 2 minutes read time.
  • Content contributors from reliable sources - many from NDSU Extension Office.
  • Links are provided in some of the articles to other nutrition related content such as recipes.
  • MyPlate.gov food trackers included for those interested in tracking nutrients and calories.
  • Blog(s) are provided for continued updates.
  • Articles are updated regularly.

Well Break Scheduling Windows App

Well Break is an optional schedule reminder that, once installed, resides in your system task tray and creates a widget reminder to take a Well Break at your scheduled times.

Features of the Well Break Scheduler:

  • Up to twelve Well Breaks throughout your day to help remind you to take breaks.
  • Breaks are easy to schedule and easy to change.
  • Reminder widget is small and easy to accept or reject.
  • Microsoft Authenticode Verified for a secure download.

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